Raine & Horne reaffirms commitment to green values to mark 135 years

OCTOBER 23, 2018

The Raine & Horne group, which is celebrating 135 years of real estate excellence, is celebrating the significant historical milestone by recommitting to improving its carbon footprint by slashing its paper usage and promoting alternatives to plastic.

Raine & Horne launched Digikit in 2018, it’s first-to-market web-based interactive appraisal and proposal platform, which has shaved the group’s cumulative paper usage.

“We deliver tens of thousands of appraisals to property owners in Australia, so it’s pleasing to see that Digikit, which was our brainchild and exclusive to our network is helping us contribute to reducing our group’s carbon footprint,” said Angus Raine, Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne.

Digikit provides a customised and paperless appraisal platform that can be adapted to the needs of the thousands of individual Sales and Property Management real estate markets across Australia, and provide relevant and personalised content for each vendor, investor or landlord.

“I’m proud to say Digikit sprung from a concept developed by us together with our top principals and a significant number of our offices are now using Digikit,” Mr Raine noted.

Digikit is green, lean and winning business

Digikit sets Raine & Horne apart from its competitors, and it is already receivig a significant thumbs up from consumers. Landlords and vendors are delighted by it because they can get all the relevant information about their property pronto, according to Mr Raine.

Geoff Martin, Property Sales Consultant, Raine & Horne Toowoomba, agreed, saying that: “Clients haven’t seen anything like Digikit before – it’s fast, efficient and so professional. It helps me stand out against the competitors and gives the client all the information they need, whenever they need it.”

Digikit is a fantastic innovation that streamlines the appraisal process and delivers eye-catching paperless documents, whether we are working with a landlord in Darwin or a Melbourne homeowner.

Mr Raine said, “The platform is winning our offices more listings and helping us attract the attention of existing agents, who are either drowning in appraisal paperwork or are losing listings due to the modest quality of their sales documents.”

“We had sold a client’s property once before, but in no way did that mean I won the listing easily,” said David Hill, Co-Principal, Raine & Horne HM Group, which operates on Sydney’s North Shore.

“Being very high up in the corporate world my client is tech-savvy and aware of the market. He found the appraisal easy to navigate through, loved the fact he could share with his partner and didn’t have to pick up a piece of paper during the process,” Mr Hill said.

Supporting the ban on plastic

Raine & Horne has ordered 20,000 reusable shopping bags that the group will make available through its 300 offices operating Australia-wide.

“With the ban on single-use plastic shopping bags now in place in supermarkets across Australia, consumers are looking for reusable bags for their weekly shop,” said Mr Raine.

“We have ordered the Raine & Horne shopping bags as they provide our offices with an excellent opportunity to help their local communities and contribute in a small way to reducing Australia’s cumulative carbon footprint.

“The average family needs about five bags, and we will order more reusable bags to meet the expected demand from Australian households, who have supported our firm for 135 years.”