Lauren Barham

National Products & Training Manager

Lauren holds the pivotal role of Product & Training Manager at Raine & Horne Corporate. With her extensive experience and forward-thinking approach, Lauren plays a central role in driving the adoption of innovative products and cutting-edge systems across the expansive Raine & Horne Network.

As a leader, Lauren oversees a talented team of dedicated individuals, strategically blending their collective talents to drive excellence throughout the organisation. Her passion for product development extends beyond her immediate team, as she collaborates closely with the Executive Team, IT Specialists, and Marketing Experts. 

Lauren's analytical prowess shines as her strong suit, where she draws on valuable insights and makes strategic recommendations to steer the company toward even greater success. Her commitment to consistency and excellence is evident in her rigorous approach to product training and implementation, ensuring that it remains of the highest standard.

Lauren's zeal extends to onboarding new offices, where she strives for a seamless transition, fostering a sense of collaboration and strength within the Raine & Horne network. Her dedication to this process and her ability to create cohesive, forward-thinking strategies are a testament to her passion for the industry.