Investment Property Owner Information

Investment Proeprty Owner Information

Raine & Horne Investment Property Owner Information

The Property Management Team at RAINE & HORNE are dedicated to combining their experience to ensure the ultimate care of and return from your rental property. We offer you friendly, efficient, personalised service, advice on maximizing your rental return and a careful and thorough tenant selection process. We aim to take care of the details, professionally.


Your Responsibilities as the Property Owner under Residential Tenancies Act include


Provide the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness and maintain the property in a reasonable state of repair. A poorly presented property gives the tenant the impression that property does not need to be well taken care of.

Provide reasonable security with working locks and other devices

Pay all rates, taxes and charges relating to the property

Not visiting the property unannounced, written notice must be given, and the tenant has the right to enjoy the property they are renting in reasonable peace. For example you cannot commence a major renovation on the property in the middle of a tenancy.

You may inspect the property but are required to give between 7 and 14 days written notice, and to undertake repairs and maintenance giving 48hrs written notice.

No notice is required to enter the property in the case of an emergency and entry may be at any time with the consent of the tenant given immediately before the time of entry.




For more information on your rights and obligations please download Information Brochure below.


Minimising your Risk - Landlord Protection Insurance


Landlord protection insurance will provide you with peace of mind and ensure that you are protected in that unexpected situation for loss of rental income or property damage. Landlord insurance is a tax deduction. When choosing a landlord insurance policy, it is important to carefully read the terms and conditions.

“Terri Scheer Landlord Preferred and Building Insurance Policies are only available to properties managed by a Licensed Real Estate Agent.” Raine & Horne Port Lincoln is a distributor of Terri Scheer Insurance products and can assist you to arrange insurance for your investment property.

Raine & Horne strongly recommends that you purchase Landlord Protection Insurance from a company of your choice. This is the sensible way to properly protect your investment, your income, yourself and your family from liability.