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The Property Market is Strong at Raine&Horne Projects

It has already been a very busy start to the new financial year at Raine & Horne Projects, with the successful launch of The Fernhill Apartments – Hurlstone Park.

Not like your typical agents, Raine & Horne Projects worked behind the scenes with our developer clients to ensure a high level of quality control throughout marketing process.

In just three weeks after the launch, Raine & Horne Projects managed a highly successful campaign which resulted in all of the required presales being made on behalf our developer clients. In fact, we have ended up with a surplus of buyers wanting to buy in to the project.

The Fernhill Apartments ‘off the plan’ campaign ran over two stages. The first stage was a pre-launch promotion which led to several sales being made directly from the Raine & Horne Projects database. Buyers were able to inspect the display suite, allowing them to view floor plates, CGI’s, finishes and brochures during the pre-launch and book an appointment in hope of securing an apartment on the launch day.


On the launch day, there was an influx of over 200 buyer enquiries and 35 presentations. Each buyer was accommodated by the Raine & Horne Projects Team. Interested buyers on the day were able to secure their ideal apartment, whilst others were databased and contacted throughout the campaign leading to further sales.

Over the remaining 2 – 3 weeks, Raine & Horne Projects marketing campaign and behind the scenes sales activity and momentum resulted in over 300 buyer enquires and 80 presentations

The Raine & Horne Projects now require more listings. If you are in need of an experienced and highly motivated project team with an extensive and active database to market and sell your project or development, please contact Ben Ayers on 0404 097 094, Luke Smith on 0416 281 577 or Nicholas Smith on 0407 787 288.