Maintenance matters should be reported to our office as soon as possible. Please detail in writing via email the maintenance you require. Once we receive this, we will contact the Landlord and appoint a tradesperson to contact you to initiate repairs. We do our best to have a tradesperson at your property as soon as possible, if it has been 5 days with no contact, please call us to follow up.

If the tradesperson is called and proved that no repair was required (e.g. Incorrect use of item or tenant not being aware of the appliance function etc) the account shall be paid by the tenant.

If a tradesperson is called and the tenant is not present at the prearranged time (with notice given) the account shall be paid by the tenant

If a tradesperson is not permitted in the premises during normal working hours, the tenant will be required to pay the afterhours fee.

Generally, if you cause any damage to the property, then you need to have it repaired. For external or internal painting, contractors may need access to power. The value of power consumed is usually less than $2.00, please assist wherever possible.

We will give you notice when maintenance is to be carried out; however, it is not always possible to advise exact times. If you receive a message from a tradesperson to arrange a convenient time, please contact them direct.

Please make every effort to keep the property free from pests (i.e. Cockroaches, spiders, mine, rats etc) as the lessor is not responsible eradication of vermin – unless they are in plague proportions.