It is important that we conduct regular inspections so that we can confirm the property is being maintained as per the agreement. It also helps us and the landlord to keep up to date with any maintenance that may arise. Photos will also be taking inside and outside of the property at each inspection. Please ensure we can give the owner a good inspection report!

The property is inspected by our Property Manager 3 or 4 times a year. You will be notified in writing 7 to 14 days prior.

We ask that you ensure the following is satisfactory:


Inside the property


  • The inside of the property is clean
  • The carpets are reasonably clean and stain free
  • The kitchen is clean
  • The oven/stove top is free of burnt on food/ carbon stains
  • Shower, bathroom and toilet are all clean
  • The laundry is clean
  • The windows are generally clean
  • All areas and rooms are fully accessible (not locked)


Outside the property


  • The lawns are freshly cut/ edged and maintained
  • Gardens are tidy and presentable/ weeds removed
  • Rubbish/ lawn clippings removed
  • No unregistered car bodies on the property
  • Oil stains removed from carport, garages and driveways
  • All areas accessible including sheds


Swimming Pool- Water and sides/bottom is clean


If you have an approved Pet

  • Any droppings and picked up and removed
  • Any pet damage repaired
  • Ensure dogs are restrained for the inspection