No Power

Check main switches and circuit breakers

If ok, telephone us, or Call SA Power Network if the surrounding area is blacked out 13 12 45

Gas Leaks

Report Immediately to AGL on 131 606


Phone Police on 131 44 or if an emergency call 000 immediately, please note down the name of the officer and time the call was made. Call glass repairer, maintenance tradesperson or locksmith if your property needs to be secured.

 Burst Pipe

Turn off water at the mains. If pipe is located on the house side of the metre you will need a Plumber (please call us) If the pipe is located on the street side of meter, call SA Water on

1300 883 121.

Blocked Sewer

Please phone our office and we will attend to you as soon as possible.

Flooded carpet

If from burst pipe, turn mains water off. Soak up excess water. Please phone our office and we will attend to you as soon as possible.

Badly leaking roof

Ensure safety by turning off power to the affected areas, mop up excess water and removed your furniture if it is at risk of water damage

Gutters/ down pipes should be checked regularly before winter approaches

Electric Hot Water

Is the power on to the unit, has the circuit breaker tripped out (check metre board)?

Is the hot water tank inside the unit full? Use the pressure relief valve by pulling the lever on the valve until a continues steam of hot water is obtained at the outflow pipe below the valve. 

***Use extreme caution when doing this as the water will be hot!!***

You can also test the pressure relief valve from the hot water system by – Running a tube into a bucket from the relief valve outlet. All systems bleed off hot water through the pressure relief valve outlet as they re-heat. However, if it fills more than half a bucket overnight, please contact us. (the pressure relief valve on a hot water unit should be operated monthly to ensure the tank remains full)

Is there water leaking form the unit other than from the pressure relieve valve outlet? i.e from the seam joints or around the base?

Some electric units of 250 litres and over operate on off-peak power, therefore re-heats at night.

Most storage units hold approximately ¾ of their capacity as hot water: the smaller units around 15gls/70 litres. This amount could normally be expected to provide 1-2 average sized baths.

Shower water flow can also have an impact on hot water usage, i.e. a fast-flowing shower will use more hot water.

Gas hot water

Gas hot water units reheat water at a rate of approximately 60 litres per hour depending on heating element size and the available power supply.

Broken Glass

If you are responsible for the breakage, then you are required to have it replaced. 


Poor ventilation will cause or exacerbate any mould problems that may already exist. Any evidence of mould should be attended to straight away. There are a variety of cleaning products that are available, also keep windows open when possible.


Keeping them clear is the responsibly of the tenant and you should be careful what you put down them. Never tip fat down the kitchen sink. ‘Bleach’ or bi-carb soda every month or so, these are very useful cleaning agents.

Remove mould or mildew from wet areas using cleaning products readily available from commercial outlets

Soap scum build-up can be avoided by cleaning at least once a week by products such as ‘Shower Power’ Consider using an old tooth brush to get into all the little corners and along the grout.


Ovens, grillers, cook tops, bench tops, range hood and exhaust fans – make sure there is no build-up of grease and/or fat as this can be a fire hazard. 

Once a month, remove oven trays and grill, soak them (washing powder is good for this) and use steel wool to give them a scrub.


Due to Adelaide’s environment, gardens need extra attention: in Summer, water deeply a couple of times a week – Autumn is ideal for spraying weeds and feeding lawns (the use of mulch will help retain moisture in garden beds).

All plants and shrubs should be kept trimmed and neat and tidy. Please don’t prune them unless you know what you are doing. Please advise us if the trees are growing into power lines. We suggest compost be mulched back into the garden or removed from the grounds completely.


Any requests should be in writing such as email.

Garbage Bins

Garbage and recycling bins are allocated to each property.