Submitting your Application

Once an Application for Tenancy has been approved and the holding deposit paid, the successful tenants will be asked to make an appointment to come into the office to sign their Residential Tenancy Agreement.

There are several things that the tenant is required to sign and pay when they come in to sign for a property:

  • Residential Tenancy Agreement (Part 1) – Lease Agreement
  • Residential Tenancy Agreement (Part 2) – Residential Premises Condition Report
  • Bond Lodgement Form
  • Arrears Procedure
  • Key and Document Collection Form

The Residential Tenancy Agreement is a two part document consisting of part 1 – the Lease Agreement and part 2 – the Residential Premises Condition Report.

Lease Agreement

  • The Lease Agreement is a legally binding contract entered into by the landlord and the tenant.
  • The Lease Agreement states the prescribed term of the tenancy, the rental amount to be paid (plus any increase that has been agreed to) and the frequency of the payments due.
  • Two copies of the Lease Agreement are signed by all tenants listed and by the Property Manager (on behalf of the landlord), and all parties’ signatures are witnessed.
  • The tenant receives an original copy of the agreement and our office holds the other original in the file. A photocopy is sent to the landlord once all parties have signed and the lease has been executed.

Residential Premises Condition Report

  • The Residential Premises Condition Report is a detailed report (written and photographic) of the rental property’s condition prior to commencement of the Tenancy Agreement.
  • The Condition Report highlights each room in the property and states the condition of all fixtures and fittings, as well as the general upkeep of the property.
  • Three copies of the completed Condition Report are printed.
  • One copy is signed by the tenant at the time of signing the lease. This confirms that the tenant has sighted a copy of the condition report and been provided instructions regarding what to do with the other two copies.
  • The other two copies are then handed to the tenant. The tenant is instructed to complete the report by reviewing what has been written on the original report and either agreeing, or disagreeing and writing comments where applicable. One completed and signed copy is held in our office (the tenant keeps the other for their records) and is deemed to be the condition of the premises at commencement of the tenancy; this report is subsequently used as a guide when the tenant vacates.
  • Tenants are afforded 7 days to complete their copy of the Condition Report. Failure to return the report within the allowed timeframe results in the original signed report being accepted as correct and accurate, and deems that to be the condition of the premises at commencement of the tenancy.