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Why Should You Choose Raine & Horne Green Square to Manage Your Investment Property?

We find you the best quality tenant in the quickest possible time

By utilising our existing prospective tenant database and applying a detailed screening process to all lease applications we accept only the highest quality tenants who can meet their responsibilities in looking after your property.

As property investors ourselves we understand that even a few weeks vacancy per year can negatively impact investment returns, so renting the property as quickly as possible to high quality tenants is our prime focus.

We help to maximise your rental returns and grow your investment

Our goal is to increase your income and ensure that your investment is working for you. Understanding the local rental market is critical to generating maximum returns.

We have operated in the immediate area for over 7 years and by constantly monitoring local area rents and conducting regular rental reviews we aim to achieve above average returns.

We understand that you want to take the worry and anxiety out of managing your property

When you consider the time and skills required to market a property, find the right tenants, manage payments, conduct inspections, take care of maintenance and resolve disputes you’ll quickly realise that property management is a full-time role

We take care of all aspects of managing your investment so you don’t have to worry.

We have a proven track record and are passionate about providing exceptional service to our clients

Choosing the right agency to manage your investment property is, understandably, a big decision. It’s one thing for an agent to say they’ll provide exceptional service; it’s another to actually deliver on this promise.

A recent survey of our property management portfolio revealed that over 94% of our clients are extremely satisfied or very satisfied with our service and 100% of them would recommend our property management services to family and friends.