Emergency vs Routine
As your managing agent, we are responsible for notifying our Owners of any maintenance that may come up during a tenancy. These can arise from a routine inspection or tenants have emailed a request through.

The tenant is responsible for looking after the property and keeping it clean and free from damage other than fair wear and tear.

When it is a routine maintenance item, our Property Managers will be in contact to seek approval for all maintenances. However if the request falls under 'emergency maintenance', we must action it as a priority and we will advise if there are any further issues once our trades person has attended.

Emergencies Include:

  • The issue is life threatening
  • The issue is a risk to your health and safety
  • The property has a gas leak
  • The property has no power (and it is not a blackout)
  • The property has no hot water (and gas bottles are full)
  • A water pipe has burst and the property is flooding


In the event that we have contacted you for routine maintenance, and we have not received a response, we will action maintenance in your best interest to protect your investment property from further damage or depreciation.