Rent, Water & Invoices

Rent Payments

We have a strict policy to rent payments, and tenants are made aware of this at the sign up appointment. Below is a break down of our policy and procedure for your information. We contact our Owners to advise when a tenant reaches 5 days in arrears, then when a Notice to Remedy Breach is issued and then when the NTRB expires, to discuss whether a Notice to Leave needs to be issued. We take arrears very seriously, as should our tenants.


Water and Council Rates
When you receive a bill for Water or Council, we are able to have these paid from the rent monies collected on your behalf. If you would like these sent directly to us, you will need to contact Unity Water or Council and change the postal address to our below address and we can take care of it.

PO Box 468, Burpengary QLD 4505

For contact details for Unity Water

For contact details for Moreton Bay Regional Council


If you are wanting to pay this invoice yourself, please make sure that it is paid in full and both pages of the bill are emailed to [email protected] , so that we can invoice the tenant for their usage only.


Water Charging
If a water efficiency certificate is completed at your property, the Owner will be able to charge the tenant for full water consumption cost’s. Tenant will be given the minimum amount of notice of 1 month to pay this invoice.

We give each and every tenant fair notice to pay invoices on time, we allow 30 days for payment upon your receipt of the Invoice, we will also send reminders before they are due and once they become overdue.

Not only that but we do also offer tenants the chance to pay the invoice off in weekly instalments if payment cannot be made in full upfront, however this option must commence when you receive the bill to ensure payment is still made before the due date.

It is the responsibility of the tenant to pay their invoices by the due date. We do what we can to assist tenants in avoiding a Notice to remedy breach being issued however outstanding invoices will be treated the same as rental arrears. If not paid by the due date then a Notice to remedy breach will be issued and will appear on your rental history.