Our Sales Services - Selling

Our sales team is very passionate and committed to helping you whether you are buying or selling.

Thinking About Selling?

We would love to provide you with some suggestions to help present your home, make it more saleable and valuable when selling. Please consider some of these may not apply to you but may apply to others, we look after everyone.



Spring Clean

Tidy up, hold a garage sale and get rid of anything you don't need. Clutter in your home, not only makes it look smaller, but buyers are less likely to imagine themselves with their items in your property.


Bright houses not only sell well but are very inviting, so open curtains and turn on lights before inspections.

Fix Obvious Faults and Little things

Like the loose doorknob, a leaky tap or that screen door that just will not shut properly. Faults like these encourage buyers to look for more. Buyers are much quicker to point out negatives than the positives.


You love them, we love them, but maybe buyers won't. Keep them outside during open inspections. Many buyers are afraid of animals and some even have pet allergies.


Cooking, pets, dampness and smoking can all give your house a nasty smell. Have carpets and curtains cleaned and open windows before inspections. Fresh air smells best.

Kitchen and Bathroom

The most important rooms in the house. Squeaky clean and presented well, they can help to make the sale.

First Impressions

Check that your house looks attractive from the street or your agent may find it difficult to get buyers in the front door. Remember buyers can decide in the first 8 seconds of seeing your home if they will consider buying it.


Any unsightly problems in your street will detract from your home. So, get together and clean up, ask them to tidy up their yards. It could help attract a contract for your home.


Overgrown gardens and lawns give the impression of being too difficult to look after.


Prune trees and shrubs if they are blocking your best views. Clean windows and screens add to the view.


Spruce up the exterior by washing down or repainting. Clean guttering, brush away leaves and cobwebs. Make sure your garbage bins are not overflowing, it is a detraction for buyers as well as the smell.

Homely touches

Add to the feel of the home, by placing fresh flowers on the table, a bowl of fruit, or jars of cookies in the kitchen. Buying is an emotional decision.

Silence is Golden

Turn off the television and any loud music. Soft light classical music is appropriate. Peacefulness is something most buyers are looking for.


Clean out cupboards, the less they have in them, the bigger they look. Storage space is a definite selling feature.


Welcome buyers with a warm home in winter or a cool home in summer, it is very inviting.


Please make one copy to the front door for your agent - your buyer is an important visitor to bring into your home.


Buyers are timid and coming into someone else’s home can be uncomfortable for them. Try not to be around during inspections, but if you are, try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Let your salesperson handle it all, they have the experience and that's what you are paying for.