What's Included in the Service

We at Raine and Horne Innisfail believe in value for money, that is why you always receive a personalised and professional service.

But what is included in this service?

Raine and Horne Innisfail offer an experienced team of salespeople who understand the local market. We offer you this insight along with exclusive marketing techniques available to Raine & Horne.

As part of your fees whether open listing or exclusive listing, we provide you with:

  • Communication when you want to hear from us
  • Any tips and concerns with your home that may help with saleability.
  • Marketing packages catered to suit your budget.
  • Advertising on our website and the Raine and Horne Website,
  • Deal with buyers on your behalf,
  • sort out the serious buyers from those who are just looking.
  • Monitor the progress of your advertisements
  • Keep you updated on the changes in the property market and offer you professional advice so you don’t have to worry
  • Report to you any offers and any feedback we may have received from buyers.
  • Negotiate with buyers to bring you the best price and sell your property

Marketing packages do vary in prices, but we believe offering the best brings our clients the best service so come and see us and we will cater to suit your budget. We know that marketing can be a costly expense and we want to ensure that you achieve a premium service to help your dreams without the cost upfront. That’s why when you list exclusively with us, we delay your marketing costs until your property is sold!