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Rent, Water & Invoices

Rent Payments
We do not accept Cash in the office as it is a safety issue for us. You can pay your rent by direct deposit online or at the bank in person. You must put your reference provided to you with your payments. Your deposit reference can also be found on your lease agreement.


Water, Invoice or Bond Payments
If you are paying a water bill or Bond, you must state for example ‘Water’ or ‘Bond’ along with your reference number for us to be able to allocate your payment to this. If your deposit does not state this, then the payment will be allocated to rent.


The law states we must have clear direction when allocating payments in a Trust Account. If we are not instructed by you in writing to allocate your payment differently then we can not and will not receipt it to anything other than rent.


Water Charging

If a water efficiency certificate is completed at your property, the Landlord will be able to charge the tenant for full water consumption cost’s. You will be given the minimum amount of notice of 1 month to pay this invoice.

We give each and every tenant fair notice to pay invoices on time, we allow 30 days for payment upon your receipt of the Invoice, we will also send reminders before they are due and once they become overdue.

Not only that but we do also offer tenants the chance to pay the invoice off in weekly instalments if payment cannot be made in full upfront, however this option must commence when you receive the bill to ensure payment is still made before the due date.

It is the responsibility of the tenant to pay their invoices by the due date. We do what we can to assist tenants in avoiding a Notice to remedy breach being issued however outstanding invoices will be treated the same as rental arrears. If not paid by the due date then a Notice to remedy breach will be issued and will appear on your rental history.